Featured Author: Renae Da Grava

"It's not just about losing (weight). It is also about how you play the game (of life)."

                                                                                                       - Renae Da Grava


Excerpts from an Interview with the Author...


What does Justify Thin mean?

Renae: "Justify thin is the choice that you make when you decide to become the healthy and fit version of yourself for life. It is the pivotal moment of strength, clarity, and independence that keeps you in the game despite obstacles. Justify thin is a practical skill that can be learned and used over the course of your lifetime. "

Tell me about your message?

Renae: Let Justify Thin be your guide and you will find that “thin” isn’t such a four-letter-word after all. For those who are ready to put in the effort and the discipline, Justify Thin works! Staying thin for a lifetime is a concern for almost all Americans, but my message is desperately important for two-thirds of the American population who are overweight. It is such an important health matter that three of the leading health groups have made recommendations to overworked primary care practitioners about how they should be helping their patients aggressively tackle weight issues. They recommend that doctors help their patients find a strategy that will drop the weight by following a moderately reduced-calorie diet suited to their food tastes and health status, while being physically active and learning behavioral strategies. I developed the justify thin strategy (ahead of the recommendations) to give readers the tools and inspiration they need to live a thin lifestyle on their own terms.

I thought this was a diet book? What exactly is the justify thin strategy?

Renae: “Technically it is in the genre of books categorized as diet and health. I call it a strategy because it is not just about dieting and losing weight; it just so happens that

losing weight can be a happy side effect. The justify thin strategy is a comprehensive four-step approach to lifetime weight management. I allow the readers to customize a diet according to their own tastes; and I systematically guide them through the entire mental and physical process so that they can manage their own lifestyle for the rest of their lives.”

What qualifications do you posses to address such a lofty issue as weight management?

Renae: “Being thin for a lifetime has more to do with the practical side of life then with academic education and science. How many people do you know that are both well-educated and overweight? I am willing to guess that your educated friends, family, and colleagues have about the same problems with weight management, (proportionately) to your uneducated friends and family. Education and science is not a sole answer to the obesity epidemic. Practical wisdom and the sharing of truthful unsponsored information have to come into play. My message about weight management is comprehensive and practical. Not only is there a lot of misinformation out there, but also nutrition (as a science) is in its infancy, which is the reason why you see so much new (and sometimes conflicting) nutritional research in the news. Research and science experimentation is important and valuable; I don’t want to discount that fact. But the practical truth is still the truth, and the truth doesn’t change. For example, if a blueberry is a real food, and you knew it was good for you before, then what difference does it really make if you now know that it is an antioxidant? The truth is that it was good for you before, and it is good for you now.”

How did you develop the Justify Thin Strategy?

Renae: “I created a multi-dimentional thin lifestyle for myself after years of research, trial and error; but I struggled to find a way to explain how I do it. Creating the justify thin strategy was actually a long process for me. I knew that I first had to analyze my own mental and physical processes to truly understand how I am doing it. Then, after I completely understood myself, I had to create an illustrative approach to show other people how they could do it for themselves. Justify Thin is the result. I like to think of the book as a training manual because it is not static, and it does not just end with weight loss. The real goal is lifetime-weight-management.”

You seem to create your own terms, like “OPDs”; you design your own charts like the “fullness barometer”; and you even gave new meaning to the four seasons… what’s up with that?

Renae: “I did everything I could to make it fun, easy to understand, and simple to follow. If something is too complicated or hard to follow, you aren’t going to use if for very long, are you?”

How much weight can I lose? Renae: “Weight loss occurs in the fall season of the living thin step. This is where you begin to customize your own diet. You stay in the fall season for a minimum of 12 weeks, but there is no maximum time limit. The more you have to lose, the longer you will stay in the fall. So the minimum weight loss is zero, if you are already ideal weight; and there is no maximum weight loss, you stay in fall until you are at your ideal weight.”

What kind of message do you think Justify Thin gives to young people who may be prone to eating disorders?

Renae: “Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are serious and severe conditions. We can’t go about our life in fear that someone is going to come down with a serious disorder. I think it is much more important to worry ourselves with promoting awareness and treatment of the eating disorders so that the individuals can be identified quickly and receive treatment in time to make a difference. For most people, Justify Thin gives the necessary inspiration and motivation to live a thin healthy lifestyle.”

Do you personally use the four season approach to monitor your own weight management? 

Renae: “Yes. I use the seasons to explain the categories that I mentally and physically put myself in as my mind and body changes throughout time. It is an easy way to illustrate the cycles a person goes through when one is training to live thin permanently. Since you are always in a season, it underscores the point that, rather than giving up when faced with change or hardship, all you have to do is make adjustments to stay in the game. For instance, if my training is going well and I am on top of my game in the spring, but suddenly I suffer a setback like a stress fracture, then I immediately go back into the winter, and I know exactly what I need to do to stay in the game.”

Is Justify Thin for anybody?

Renae: “That is a good question because I do assume that the reader comes to the book bringing basic knowledge with them. But most importantly, I need the reader to be ready and willing to make a commitment, and also capable of doing the necessary work that comes with commitment. That being said, this book is for almost any male or female adult who is concerned about staying thin for a lifetime. Some of you need to lose weight now, and some of you may face a weight struggle in the future, the need to lose weight is not necessarily as important as the quest to stay in the game.”