Raves for Renae Da Grava’s Justify Thin

Editorial Reviews

“Justify Thin is more than a diet and exercise book—it’s a guide to crafting a lifestyle weight management regimen, tailored to one’s own unique needs. The strategies emphasize not only building menus of healthy foods and incorporating exercise into one’s everyday life, but also behavior strategies that can help break bad habits and build good ones. Justify Thin empowers the reader to forge his or her own path to a healthier lifestyle, and is highly recommended.” —Midwest Book Review

“Da Grava’s unique four-season approach to weight loss and maintenance keeps readers on track forever,customizing their weight maintenance and helping them stay thin despite life’s changes and challenges.Her book is well researched, easy-to-use, fresh, and fascinating. If you’re looking for some simple, yet solid,weight management advice, this is a great read. There is certainly a market for Da Grava’s no-nonsense approach to health!” Star Rating: 5 out of 5 —City Book Review

“Renae Da Grava fills an important niche with Justify Thin, by allowing the reader to find a comfortable and maintainable lifestyle change to help feel healthier. Justify Thin is different than other books about losing weight, because the emphasis is not on fad diets. Readers who are looking to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, or simply figure out what might make them feel better should have a copy of Renae DaGrava’s Justify Thin in their personal library.” —Goodbookstoday.com Reviews

​“Justify Thin is a visually appealing book with clear language and a no-fuss approach to motivation.The strength of the volume is in its direct style. Da Grava is candid about her personal experiences,and she advocates taking an honest approach to eating. The author’s strategies for trimming unhealthy food choices from a diet are simple and reasonable.” —ForeWord Clarion Reviews

“Renae Da Grava is a good role model for justifying thinness. She doesn’t talk down to her readers and she acknowledges the barriers to health in our modern society. Her brief, personal stories and musing thoughts sweeten the practical advice.” —Readers’ Favorite