Learning Portion Size by Using Your Eyes

In the Spring season you will start using calories to figure out how much and how often to eat. It is helpful to learn how to visualize portion sizes so that you can properly figure out your caloric intake. Here are some visual equivalents that most experts agree on. You will notice that I don’t want you to worry about portion sizes for fresh vegetables and fruit.


1 cup rice, pasta, cereal = fist or baseball

Dairy and cheese

1 ounce cheese = two dice

1 cup yogurt = baseball

1/2 cup of ice cream = light bulb

Fats, oils, and spreads

1 teaspoon butter              = poker chip, one die,

1 teaspoon salad dressing      or two stacked nickels,

1 teaspoon mayonnaise          or top joint of thumb

1 teaspoon oil

2 tablespoons peanut butter = golf ball or ping-pong ball

2 tablespoons hummus = golf ball

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Don’t worry about portion size; eat as much as you can.

Dried fruits

1/4 cup of raisins = an egg

Meats, fish, and nuts

3 ounces lean meat, tofu = deck of cards 3

3 ounces grilled or baked fish = checkbook

1/4 cup almonds = twelve almonds

4 ounces steak = two eggs

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